About the Carnet référence construction

The Carnet référence construction is a new Web platform that brings together the online services related to workforce management and referral in the construction industry. The objective is to rapidly, efficiently, and transparently refer to companies the workers that they need. On this interactive platform, employers express their workforce needs, workers highlight their skills, and associations with a permit log on to refer candidates.

Since September 9, 2013, employers use the Carnet référence construction to declare their workforce needs. All requests for worker referrals are being made exclusively on the new online platform.

The Carnet :

  • Draws directly from the bank of construction workers’ Professional Profiles – the more complete the profile, the greater the worker’s chance of being referred for a job that meets his or her expectations
  • Enables employers to search profiles for specific skills and certifications
  • Includes management tools for the process of hiring/layoff notices
  • Transmits request for referrals to associations with a permit

Carnet référence construction is the trademark assigned to the construction industry's workforce referral service as described in the Regulation Regarding the Labour-Referral Service for the Construction Industry.

Consult September 9, 2013 press release.