Improvements to the Carnet référence construction

A number of new features and some new information are now available on the Carnet référence construction to make it easier to use. Here’s a summary of these improvements.

For employers

In addition to having access to the new information that workers may put in their profile, employers can now:

  • Conduct a search using the criterion of experience as group leader and/or foreman
  • Have access to optimized search results to find workers practising only one of the industry’s occupations, such as surveyor or labourer, masonry
  • Consult the source of their hirings from the list of their hiring and layoff notices, which displays data for the last 12 months
  • Obtain, when inputting a hiring notice for a later date, a prevalidation of workers’ compliance (the hiring confirmation number will be sent only on the working day preceding the date specified in the notice)

Click here to download a printable PDF summarizing these improvements (in French only).