You can choose the candidates who are the best match for your needs

When you make a referral request on the Carnet référence construction, you will be able to specify a large number of criteria. For example, no longer do you simply ask for a carpenter-joiner in your region; you can be much more specific.

In addition to trade or occupation, you will be able to specify:

  • The work schedule for the job
  • The mobility of the worker
  • The CCQ-recognized training necessary
  • Experience in the tasks sought

If the worker has made his or her professional and training profiles accessible, you will be able to consult them and check his or her qualifications.

The system will offer you a list in real time composed of candidates who correspond the best to what you are requesting. They will be prioritized by the following criteria: availability for the job, being in the correct region, and corresponding to your job criteria.

Try it out today!