Your employability is in your hands

The Carnet référence construction makes it possible for workers to highlight their skills. All workers have a Professional Profile that contains information on their training and experience.

Each trade is subdivided into specific tasks. You may remove the checkmarks in front of some of them to indicate that you don’t want to be referred for jobs that involve these tasks. You may also specify other information:

  • Your availability for work
  • Your preferred work schedule
  • Your preferred sector
  • Your mobility
  • Your level of experience in each task
  • The CCQ-recognized training that you have taken

Starting on September 9, if you allow it, the employers to which you are referred will be able to consult this information so that they can choose the best candidates. The accuracy of the information contained in the Professional Profile therefore makes it possible for the system to refer to employers the candidates whose profile offers the best match for the job they want to fill.

This profile belongs to you; you choose what information the Carnet référence construction will draw from. And it’s also up to you to protect it by keeping your username and password confidential. We recommend that you never give anyone else access rights to your profile.

Update your Professional Profile now on the online services.

If you don’t yet have access to the CCQ’s online services, here’s what to do.