Updating your Professional Profile

Update your Professional Profile and make yourself known to potential employers. In your Professional Profile, you can list your qualifications, your preferences and the criteria you’d like CCQ to use to refer you to potential employers that will be using its referral services. This will give you access to jobs that fit you better.

Wondering whether to create a Professional Profile?

If you’re on CCQ’s availability list but haven’t completed your Professional Profile, you will still be referred to employers. As of June, CCQ will use the information in your Profile to better meet your needs and those of employers.

Want to complete your Professional Profile?

Access your Professional Profile using CCQ’s online services.

You can now get a user name and temporary PIN to immediately access CCQ’s online services now and complete your Professional Profile.

Not yet subscribed to online services?

Subscribe online on our website at ccq.org (click on Access to online services), by phone at 1-888-842-8282 (select “Help with your Professional Profile” from the general information menu), or in person at one of our regional offices.