Hiring and Layoff Notices: use online services

Since September 9, when you have a job to fill, you will have to register with the Carnet référence construction. It is your unique gateway.

Not only will the system offer you a list in real time, but it will also inform the associations with a permit so they can offer you referrals in their turn. You will thus have candidates from multiple sources, and it will be up to you to choose.

It is important to understand that contacting a union before expressing your workforce needs on the Carnet référence construction will be an infraction of the regulation. However, the putting online of the Carnet référence construction doesn’t mean that you can’t hire a worker you know directly. This is something you can always do, and you notify the CCQ of your hiring via the Carnet.

The Carnet is also used to send your notices of hiring and termination. You may consult the hiring and termination numbers for your company for the previous twelve months at any time by accessing the online services. To avoid any inconveniences after this period, we recommend that you also keep a copy of the hiring or termination notice in your employees’ files. Also, don’t forget that you are obliged to specify the source of your hirings.