Carnet référence construction

An online platform where the industry’s workers can highlight their skills so they can be referred to employers looking for what they have to offer.

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Update on hiring and termination of employment notices

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What changes for workers

The Carnet référence construction changes a number of workforce management practices. These changes are aimed at improving the industry’s transparency by guaranteeing workers’ right to work and employers’ managerial rights.

For workers like you, the objective is to make it possible for you to be efficiently referred to employers. The Carnet draws directly from the Professional Profiles of construction workers in the CCQ’s bank. Therefore, the more complete your profile, the better your chances of being referred to a job that meets your expectations.

Your employability is in your hands

The Carnet enables you to highlight your skills through your Professional Profile. Tell employers about your preferences, experience, and training so that you will be referred to jobs that meet your expectations.

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A single system for transparent referrals

Since September 9, 2013, the Carnet référence construction is the only entry point for referring workers in the construction industry.

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Updating your Professional Profile

Update your Professional Profile to make your application stand out for potential employers. Access your Professional Profile using CCQ’s online services.

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